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6 Mar 2023
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Prince Kuhio Day is celebrated every year in March, on the birthday of Jonah Kūhiō Kalanianaʻole, known as the Prince of the People. Prince Kuhio is an important figure in Hawaii’s history and is most known for advocating for the rights of Hawaiians, the Hawaiian Homes Act, and championing the bill that would later make Hawaii an official state of the US. Prince Kuhio Day is on a Sunday (March 26th) and will be observed on March 27, 2023.

About Prince Kuhio 

Prince Kuhio born on March 26, 1871, was heir to the Hawaiian throne. In 1893, however, the Hawaiian Kingdom was overthrown by a coalition of US and European businessmen. Attempts were made to restore the monarch but those proved unsuccessful. As a result, Prince Kuhio was charged with treason and imprisoned for one year.  

After serving his full jail term, Prince Kuhio and his wife sent themselves on a self-imposed exile and traveled throughout the United States and Europe. He eventually returned to Hawaii in 1901 and began his career as a statesmen. His contributions in this landscape include the Hawaiian Homes Act, the establishment of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and Kilauea National Park, and building the foundation for Hawaii’s modern government structure, and much more. He is a beloved figure in Hawaiian history and his contributions to his people are still felt today.

How to Celebrate Prince Kuhio Day 

Prince Kuhio Day - Outrigger Race Kauai


As the birthplace of Prince Kuhio, you'll find a variety of ways to celebrate this special day. The Kauai Outrigger Association holds an annual race on Prince Kuhio Day where every canoe racing club sends their team to compete in the race. All races start and end at Kukuiula Boat Harbor. 

You can also visit the Prince Kuhio Park, a small park in Koloa that honors the People’s Prince and is the birthplace of Prince Kuhio. You’ll find the foundations of his family home, a royal fishpond, and a hieau (shrine) to pay tribute to Prince Kuhio.

If you find yourself in Kauai during this special holiday, consider attending a local event to learn more about Prince Kuhio and his impact on Hawaiian culture that can still be felt today.