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woman sitting at a table looking up like she's talking to someone

Whether you're prepping for a Hawaiian vacation or you simply enjoy learning about new cultures, dipping a toe into the world of Hawaiian words, language, and slang is a great way to accomplish both. To help you kickstart your learning, we've compiled a list of...

humpback whale breaching in Kauai

Nearly 10,000 humpback whales migrate to the Hawaiian Islands every winter to escape the cold weather. Learn more about the best time come visit for whale watching and start planning your trip to see these magnificent mammals now.

Lei Day in Hawaii

There is a well-known song in Hawaii written by Leonard and Ruth Hawk.  The lyrics go “May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii.  Garlands and flowers everywhere.  All of the colors of the rainbow, maidens with blossoms in their hair”.  If you are familiar with...