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Shipwreck’s beach got its name from an old wooden ship that got stranded in the rocks; the ship is long gone but the name remains. Expect good hiking in the area and if you’re strong and young at heart you can leap from the 55 foot cliff into the surf below. Cliff Jumpers on YouTube

Shipwreck’s Beach on Keoniloa Bay is one of the largest expanses of beach in the Poipu area.

During much of the year, Shipwreck’s Beach is better suited for strong swimmers and surfers due to the powerful and potentially dangerous waves, which break close to shore.

However, it is a great beach any time of the year to walk along, for beach combing and sunbathing. Shipwreck’s Beach has a Kauai County park facility at its eastern end and just beyond that is a spectacular wilderness shoreline trail that continues for miles.

The eastern portion of Poipu Kai Resort fronts Shipwreck’s Beach. The Regency Kauai Resort and Spa, which has five restaurants, shops and bars is immediately adjacent to Poipu Kai Resort and fronts Shipwreck’s Beach too. Several of our other Poipu resorts are just a short walk away.

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