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It can be argued that a beach is the best spot for a family vacation, as it can be fun for people of all age groups. Kauai is well known globally for having some of the best beaches in the world, and we are proud to have many of them just a few steps from our resorts. Please see below for some of our favorites.

Poipu Beach Park and Baby Beach

Poipu Beach is preferred by many families and was labeled as the best beach by the Travel Channel. Even though it is quite popular, this beach does not get as overcrowded as do other Hawaiian beaches. Poipu beach is a beautiful, generous stretch of white sands about 3 miles long and 30 meters wide. It has become a favorite of many families as it provides almost every kind of beach activity. The beach is literally split in two by a quite narrow land piece known as tombolo. On this piece of land you will often find the rare monk seal napping in the afternoons.

The eastern part of Poipu beach is called Baby beach as its waters are ideally suited for kids. Strong currents are absent and there are no big waves to endanger new swimmers. The water is not deep at all and has a sheltering jetty. The western side is the proper Poipu Beach preferred by surfers, as there is a reef in which the waves break, and it’s also a good spot for windsurfing.  This spot is also good for pole fishing and snorkeling.

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