Poipu Beach the Sunny Side of Kauai


Poipu Beach, Kauai, Rated a Top Beach in America

Once the secret of knowledgeable Hawaiian travelers, Poipu Beach is Kauai’s premier resort destination and with good reason! Its year around sunny weather, cool trade winds, white sandy beaches and clear blue waters make Poipu Beach picture perfect. Poipu’s exquisite natural beauty and abundance of outdoor recreation is only surpassed by its luxurious amenities. Besides a wide range of Kauai resort accommodations, Poipu is home to two golf courses, charming island boutiques and some of Kauai’s finest restaurants.

Poipu Beach, Kauai is an easy 14-mile drive (25-30 minutes) from the Lihue airport. The Poipu Beach resort area encompasses a little over three miles of coastline. Poipu Beach is ideally located nearly midway along Kauai’s scenic around-the-island highway, making it a perfect base from which to explore the island’s most popular attractions. These include the incredible Na Pali Coast, Polihale Beach, Koke’e Mountain Park, the Waimea Canyon (Grand Canyon of the South Pacific) and Port Allen Harbor the launch site for many Na Pali and Niihau expeditions.

Protected by offshore reefs teeming with colorful fish, Poipu Beach is fringed with crescent shaped and sandy beaches, each with their own unique attributes.

Snorkeling, body boarding, surfing and more await you on Poipu Beach Kauai.

Surf, body board or snorkel in

Poipu Beach’s clear, warm waters

Poipu Beach Park

Poipu Beach Park encompasses two of Poipu’s most popular beaches–Poipu Beach and Brennecke Beach. Swaying coco palms accent a vast lawn, provide shade and silhouette dramatic sunsets. Scattered pavilions and picnic tables offer respite from the sun and a perfect spot for lunch. Poipu Beach Park has rest rooms and shower facilities as well as a convenience market and restaurant-bar just across a small street.

Snorkel equipment, body boards, surfboards and other beach equipment can be rented at nearby activity outfitters. Additionally, there is ample free parking. Poipu Beach Park is within easy walking distance of most Poipu Beach vacation rentals and resorts. Click here for Poipu Beach area map.


Poipu Beach:  America's "best all around beach"

Poipu Beach has a peaceful lagoon,

yet surfing is just offshore

*Poipu Beach Ranked Top Beach in America

Always a top contender, Poipu Beach was recently chosen top beach among all beaches in North America. It was rated the “best all around beach” in the annual survey of America’s best beaches conducted by Stephen Leatherman, Ph.D., Florida International University, known as “Dr. Beach,” a leading beach authority and coastal geologist. It is by far one of the most beautiful and accommodating beaches on the Island of Kauai, with showers, facilities and ample parking. Learn more.

Poipu Beach is also the Travel Channel’s pick for America’s Best Beach, sited for its unspoiled beauty, sandy bottom lagoon, sunsets, warm people, and superb weather. Learn more.

Poipu Beach consists of three distinct sections:

On the eastern edge, a protective jetty shelters a small cove called Baby Beach. Here the water is only inches deep and is perfect for toddlers and small fry. The water depth in this section remains shallow for quite a distance and makes it ideal for crawling around and splashing. This is perhaps the best of Kauai’s beaches for small children.

Further to the west, the water slopes normally from the shore and is satisfying for beginner swimmers. Follow the crescent shaped beach west of the wading pool and you will find a beach lapped by gentle waves. The water here is calm enough most days to laze the day away floating on inflatable rafts or toys. This is a popular body boarding spot for beginners as they can practice on the gentle waves close to the shore.

West of the cove that comprises Poipu Beach a tombolo or sandbar separates the third section of beach. Just beyond the sandbar a vast lagoon of clear warm water is the site of some of the best snorkeling on Kauai. A multitude of colorful reef fish awaits you in their undersea world. All of the aquariums in the world can’t capture the thrill of seeing tropical fish up close in their native habitat. For more information on snorkeling on Kauai beaches, click here.

Poipu Beach itself can be a site for viewing natural wonders, as it has been a popular resting spot for the rare Hawaiian Monk Seal. Monk seals swim great distances to feed at night and typically take their rest on beaches during the day. Recently a few of these endangered mammals have chosen the calm waters of Poipu Beach to give birth. If you are fortunate enough to see a Hawaiian Monk Seal, stay outside the designated protected area and enjoy this rare occasion.

Body boarding on Kauai's Brennecke Beach

Brennecke Beach is world

renown for its excellent body

surfing & body boarding

Brennecke Beach, Kauai

Brennecke Beach at the far eastern end of Poipu Beach Park is world renown for its excellent, consistent and easy to catch body boarding and body surfing waves. To learn more about Brennecke beach and other Kauai beaches, click here.

For a map of the Poipu Beach area showing approximate location of resorts to each other and to Poipu area beaches, click here.

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