Mahaulepu Beach in Poipu, Kauai – One of the World’s Best Beaches

Mahaulepu Near Suite Paradise Poipu Vacation Rentals is Outside Magazine's Best Beach in the World
Mahaulepu Beach is as remote as you can get, but less than 10 minutes away from an iced cappuccino!

Mahaulepu Beach: A Local Treasure

The vast, idyllic wilderness of Mahaulepu Beach is popular with Kauai residents and visitors alike because it is so large, isolated and pristine. Makauwahi Cave is nearby, the largest limestone cave in Hawaii and one of the most important ecological and archeological sites in the Pacific Rim.

Mahaulepu Beach near Suite Paradise Poipu Vacation Condos
Mahaulepu Beach is Outside's Best Beach in the World

Mahaulepu Beach has three different parts: Gillin’s Beach, Haula Beach and Kawailoa Bay. You’re likely to find a stretch of golden sand or dramatic sea cliff all to yourself. With its brisk trade winds, Mahaulepu Beach is also a favorite Kauai destination for wind surfers and is frequented by surfers, swimmers, snorkelers, kayakers, fishing enthusiasts and even kite-surfers and get-away-from-it-all sunbathers.

Directions to Mahaulepu Beach

Reaching Mahaulepu Beach is an adventure. Leaving from your Poipu resort condo with Suite Paradise in your free rental car, continue beyond the eastern end of Poipu Road where the pavement gives way to a dirt road until you reach a T-shaped intersection. Turn right and proceed to a security shack where you may be asked to produce an I.D. and sign a liability release.

Mahaulepu Beach is a accessed through private property, so proceed with caution and at your own risk.

Nearby Poipu Stables takes the adventure to the next level and offers trail rides to the beach. Before leaving for your adventure, pack drinks and snacks and an empty bag to tote your trash out. Please be sure not to leave trash behind on the pristine paradise of Mahaulepu Beach.

Mahaulepu Beach Accommodation

All of Suite Paradise’s Poipu vacation rentals are just a short drive away from Mahaulepu Beach, including the Manualoha condos in Poipu Kai Resort.