Brennecke Beach

Kauai's Brennecke Beach
Brennecke Beach beckons body surfers and body boarders to Kauai

Brennecke Beach, Kauai

Kauai’s Brennecke Beach located at the eastern end of Poipu Beach Park is world renowned for its easy to catch body boarding and body surfing waves. Brennecke Beach was recently restored to its original crescent bay shape with the help of the Kauai community. Beach eroding seawalls were removed and a huge amount of sand was added.

Brennecke Beach is now more beautiful than anyone can ever recall. Poipu Kai Resort fronts on Brennecke Beach and Nihi Kai Villas is but a short stroll away from some of the most fun waves on Kauai. Brennecke Beach is a favorite with Kauai residents and visitors alike.

Snorkeling can be enjoyed off Kauai's Brennecke Beach
Good snorkeling is almost everywhere offshore Kauai’s south shore
Brennecke Beach is an ideal place for body boarding.
Brennecke Beach is famous for its easy to ride and fun waves
Enjoy all the watersports possiblities Hawaii has to offer.
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