Terms and Conditions

Rates and taxes are subject to change without notice and vary for specific units.

Portacribs are provided with the additional persons rate for children under age two.

Occupancy Maximums: 1BR/4 persons; 2BR/6 persons; 3BR/8 persons, 4BR/10 persons.

Maid Service: Daily maid service is NOT included, but is available for an extra fee.

Cancellations & Refunds: $40 cancellation fee. The balance of the refund is based upon the length of advance notice given prior to arrival date. 30 or more days 100% refund, 14-29 days 80% refund, 13 days or less no refund. Amounts forfeited above the $40 cancellation fee may be used as a credit for a future non-peak season booking, providing new arrival date is between 90 and 365 days after cancellation.

Why paying in advance will make your Kauai vacation less risky and more fun…

All Suite Paradise accommodations are beautifully decorated and carefully maintained

Let’s face it. There is no free lunch. You get what you pay for, and if your accommodations are awful, your vacation will be ruined. That is really a terrible price to pay!

With Suite Paradise, you avoid that risk. We deliver to guests a high quality, well maintained and completely furnished accommodation at a deeply discounted rate. We are able to give better value by saving money that otherwise would be lost in cancellations and no-shows. To achieve those savings, we require prepayment, and fully disclose our cancellation policy, which we adhere to firmly.

By relying upon a firm, prepaid reservation, Suite Paradise avoids substantial vacancy losses due to no-shows. Also since we know we have firm bookings, we never resort to overbooking, as most other vacation rental managers do. We thereby avoid paying dearly for off-site accommodations for overbooked guests during busy periods. The savings thus generated are substantial, enabling Suite Paradise to devote dollars, which otherwise would be wasted elsewhere, to provide better appointed, more thoughtfully furnished and carefully maintained vacation rental accommodations.

Most resort managers do not use such cost saving measures which is why few can afford to provide accommodations to compete with our high standards and affordable prices. There is nothing like a bad accommodation to ruin your hard earned vacation, so be wise and don’t take risks.

Suite Paradise has built its reputation on better quality. We are in our third decade of offering only carefully maintained, well-appointed and furnished second homes. Return guests and the friends they recommend now comprise more than 50% of our guests, indicating an astounding level of guest satisfaction. They trust Suite Paradise to consistently provide a clean, comfortable, well furnished, thoughtfully appointed, and better maintained “home away from home on the sunny side of paradise,” Poipu Beach. You also deserve and will get the same satisfaction with Suite Paradise.

Credit Cards Accepted